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PART 2: "Coe-Coe's Special Needs Bedroom MAKEOVER.

It's been about a year since we started his room...and we are FINALLY FINISHED.
AND I'm FINALLY getting around to posting it.  I can check this off my "To-Do List"!

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

If you haven't seen the BEFORE post of his room, 
go HERE first.
Then come back to this post!
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Here are a few before photos...yikes!

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Uhh, you know those things that just NAG at you & NEVER seem to have an END to it...ya that was his room!!! The project kept growing & growing.  We originally put up "Shiplap" on  the 2 walls that "C" had already DESTROYED, and left the other 2 walls untouched...but, he likes to keep us on our toes and decided to DESTROY the other 2 walls. So we fixed those. AND, he started on the bedroom door AND the closet doors. So, we fixed those as well.  

The BEST part about fixing the walls, is that he didn't like how HARD they were, so he stopped HEAD-BANGING those walls!!! He knows which walls have boarding & the ones that don't, so he STILL goes after those walls.  SLOWLY but surely we are going behind him and FIXING EVERY SINGLE WALL in our home. Let's just say we have to get creative with the amount of BOARDING through out our home.  

We LOVE that little boy SO MUCH...even if he DESTROYS our house.

This all started because of an amazing women, "Miggy" from This Little Miggy Stayed Home.  She has a BEAUTIFUL blog about one of her daughters named "Lamp", she was born with a rare condition called Microgastria (small stomach) and Limb Reduction Complex (limb differences on all 4 limbs). Lamp is the most BEAUTIFUL & FEISTY little girls I've ever met! 

Miggy redid Lamp's Room HERE with the help of The Land of Nod & they were so gracious that they told Miggy they would gift one of her readers $500 worth of bedroom items. I entered the giveaway on Miggy's Blog and we won! That was a YEAR and a HALF AGO...I know, this took A LOOONG time from START-to-FINISH. But, we were able to get "Coe-Coe" some things for his room which was GREAT because our budget was EATEN UP on repairing and reinforcing EVERY WALL in his room!!! It was a little more then we had thought it would be...but we were able to FULLY "Coe-Coe" proof it which means we don't have to keep fixing things...yay!!! 

Thanks Land of Nod & Miggy...it turned out BEAUTIFULLY 
& it's now our FAVORITE ROOM in the HOUSE.

This cute little Buffalo was from his grandparents when they went on a trip to Yellowstone.  It was RIGHT before "C's" Brain Surgery.  He loved this Buffalo and would carry it around by the hoofs.

 Fade Up Rattan Floor Basket | The Land of Nod 

White Rug | Target

Forest Friends Quilt | Little Unicorn

This Blanket from Little Unicorn is the BEST.  We decided not to do traditional bedding because we wash his bedding SO MUCH & he doesn't like the feeling of being "trap", so we went with a fitted sheet & a few of his FAVORITE blankets. He is a sensory seeker, he LOVES different fabrics.  I love this quilt in particular because it is breathable and made from 4 layers of Muslin Cotton.  Isn't the print DARLING.

You can find this exact blanket at The Baby Cubby HERE plus free shipping if you spend $49+.

The Beaver was from my dear childhood friend 
[more like my older sister...who would let me put her make up on!]
-Thanks Kelly!!! "C" still loves it.

It's a Scentsy Buddy.  It has a zipper on the back and you can buy different scents. 
It makes the room smell AMAZING & my sensory seeker kiddo LOVES it.

Beaver | Scentsy Buddy

See those POSTERS...only they aren't posters!!!!

They are AMAZING.  They are called Wheatpaste Art, made from fabric but stick to the wall and have a vinyl top...so they are WIPEABLE. He CAN'T destroy them or throw them across the room like he did with the frames previously in his room. 

AND they RE-STICK so you can move them OVER & OVER!

Peel and Stick Vinyl Posters | Oopsie Dasiy

This MAP is one of my FAVORITES. It's a great learning tool.
My 2 year old already knows which state we live in AND where the BEACH is!

See how they are STICKY on one side. I have moved them plenty of times.
(It's best to have another person grab the 2 other sides)

...just PEEL & STICK!!!

We added a TON of soft fabrics + a machine washable rug.

This is my his, other favorite blanket.

I should REALLY get my own...or one for EVERYONE in our home, because we ALL want to snuggle in the Saranoni Blanket...even the dog.  It is CRAZY soft & WARM.  "C" likes to rub his hand over it which is great for those Sensory Seeking Kiddos!

Teal Blanket | Saranoni 

He LOVES blankets!
...and footie PJ's.
...and hangers.

The basket is PERFECT to stash all of his blankets & he can get them out by his self!

These are some of our favorite books. 

"C's" cognitive ability is around 10-12 months. These "first time primers" are perfect for him to look at. They aren't too busy for him which is great because he gets over stimulated FAST!

Oh...and they are DURABLE!!!

First Time Primer Books | Babylit

You can also find them here | The Baby Cubby 

Just to be clear...I don't leave lamps in his room or he will throw it across the room.
So I did put that lamp on his dresser just for the photo...AND that white frame.

I'm not sure why, but he is really good about not throwing the Abacus,
and kids LOVE IT!!! 

For him, it's not about the counting or the colors,
but he LOVES to play with it. 

My 2 year old on the other hand loves the counting & colors.

Abacus | IKEA

This is my FAVORITE grey paint color.
I use it on EVERYTHING...even my furniture. 
Some day I will show you my bed that is painted this same color. 

...in the image below, we added "Back of the door" hooks for his backpack, jackets & PJ's that are still clean but we don't want them mixed in with the clothes in his dresser.

We added an "industrial style" Door Stopper because he LOVES 
to SLAM his door open OVER & OVER & OVER.

(see it on the grey wall)

Story about the DRESSER. 
When my husband & I were dating, he MADE this dresser for me. 
Even though it's like 13+ years old, there is NOT a scratch or dent on it!!!
(probably because he did 1000 coats of polyurethane on it...HA!)

You won't find craftsmanship like this in a store,
my kids stand in the drawers & there is NOT one broken drawer or drawer glide! 

Who would have thought this dresser he built for me when I was 17, 
would be our child's dresser who can destroy ANYTHING, except for this!

The Frankenstein book is my daughters favorite.

...because he has an "owie on his head like Coe-Coe".

One of my FAVORITE sayings...

"The days are LONG, but the years are SHORT"

(that couldn't be any more TRUE).

Check out these Custom Peg Dolls from Little Things Happy!!!
Tomi is CRAZY talented. She HAND-PAINTS each one & they are SO DETAILED.
 You can find her on Instagram @littlethingshappy

We use these for my son's Speech Therapy.  
We try to have him point at each one & say "mom, dad, sister". 

Custom Peg Dolls | Little Things Happy

LOOK! She even added my son's scar on his head.

...yes, it actually looks like that after 5 years & yes it's actually that BIG.

We use this Teepee for EVERYTHING!
...even parties.

He LOVES it especially after I added lights to it. 
"C" likes to lay in it with his blankets.

Black & White Striped Teepee | The Land of Nod

The fabric posters are the only things I can hang on his walls.

Beetle Vinyl Fabric Poster | Oopsy Dasiy

My husband made Faux Barn Doors for the closet + bedroom door.
(we have to reinforce EVERYTHING around here!)

Also replaced ALL of the moldings through out his room.

We do have hardware we need to add, but we figured out that he CAN'T open the DOORS!!!
...we will keep them like this for a while.

...AND replaced all of the 90's Brass to the Black Antique.

My dear & talented friend McKenna Wooley took these BEAUTIFUL photos of my kiddos.

I'm in LOVE with them, and Lifestyle Photoshoots are so much fun. 
They are easier for our family then the "posed" ones because it's ok if none of us are looking at the camera or our hair is MESSY & we are eating Goldfish Crackers off the floor...it's just an NORMAL day...and that's what we want to remember!


He LOVES HANGERS...but all of my clothes are in a pile instead of in the closet.

He also LOVES the HEAT that comes out of the VENT.

 ...it's the SIMPLE things in life...RIGHT!?!

...Peek-a-boo...I see you!

I can check ONE ROOM off of my list that is FULLY FINISHED!!!!
...now which room will get FULL FINISHED NEXT???

...your guess is as good as mine at this point, haha!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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